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Rosenberg Fans Canada is the master distributor for Airtecnics air curtains in North America. Airtecnics is a part of the Rosenberg Group and specializes in the design and manufacture of air curtains with production facilities located in Spain. Airtecnics designs and produces a complete range of air curtains for all kinds of applications and installations. High-efficiency EC-Motor Technology is available on all models. Tailor-made orders, customized finishes, and exclusive design solutions are available upon request.
Advantages of Air Curtains
  • Retail and Commercial Benefits
    • Increase in foot traffic due to the “open door effect.”
    • An open door is inviting and attracts more people to retail locations.
    • An open doorway acts as a shop window and allows people to easily see the inside of an establishment or shop.
    • Allows for easy access for disabled people (wheelchair) or people using baby strollers, shopping carts, or carrying other items.
    • Helps control drafts and temperature variations.
    • Increases available usable space for display purposes and promotion.
    • Customer and staff comfort is increased.
  • Energy Saving
    • Reduces energy losses in the conditioned space.
    • Lowers overall capacity (heating/cooling) requirements.
    • As a result, overall building operating costs are lower.
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Healthy Indoor Environment
    • Improves indoor air quality.
    • Acts as a barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes, and bad odors.
    • Provides pest and insect control.
    • Maintains comfortable indoor temperatures.
  • Safety
    • Increases visibility with the removal of physical obstructions (doors etc.).
    • Helps eliminate ice buildup, fogging, and humidity issues in cold storage or refrigerated applications.
    • Easy evacuation through an exit doorway in case of fire or emergency.
    • Can act as a barrier against fire and smoke spread (special application).
Mississauga, Ontario
Industrial warehouse building.
John F. Kennedy International Airport Queens, NY 11430, United States
JFK Airport, New York
The solution adopted for those 8 entrances of the New York JFK airport with traffic capacity channeling problems has been a success. With a minimum budget, the facility is now more functional, maintains a harmony in the design, saves more energy and provides more comfort to the traveler.
1210 Mid-Way Blvd, Unit 20 Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2B8
Rosenberg Canada head office. Main entrance.
Rosenberg air curtains by Airtècnics for various industrial applications.
Airtècnics industrial air curtains are solid and versatile, manufactured with top-quality materials and components. Their main features are high pressure, far-reaching, and excellent quality.
Insect control air curtains for cafes, restaurants, and catering businesses
Restaurants, Cafes, and Catering businesses can attract insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. Food waste can also be a source of attraction for any number of insects or even rodents. Our FLY anti-insect air curtains offer a cost-effective solution to help eliminate insect issues in the indoor space.
Rosenberg EC Fans Advantages
Energy efficiency regulations and directives are increasingly exposing inefficiencies in HVAC systems. In many applications, the use of centrifugal and axial fans driven by standard AC motors could be coming to an end. This is due in large part to the comparatively low total efficiencies of these large fans, which can easily account for 40-50% of the total energy consumption within typical building HVAC systems. On the other hand, EC fans are inherently very efficient, with improved and simple controllability.
Airtècnics — "Green Company."
Airtècnics has received the "green company" certificate from the electrical energy consultant and distributor Indexo Energía.
Decorative air curtain for design spaces
Air curtains have gone from being just another element of the construction to become a decorative complement in design spaces.
Vestibules vs. Air Curtains
Owners now have an option to eliminate vestibules in a new design or existing construction. The cost of an air curtain is significantly lower compared to the cost of constructing a vestibule.

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