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EC Air Curtains: Smart Choice for Climate Control


Innovative EC technology can make a significant difference in everyday commercial and industrial settings. Airtècnics North America is proud to lead the way in this field, offering products that are not only effective but also efficient and sustainable.

So, what makes EC technology in air curtains so special? How does it transform efficiency and cost-effectiveness in commercial and industrial applications? Let’s explore the story of EC technology and its many benefits.

What is EC Technology?

EC (Electronically Commutated) technology combines the advantages of both AC and DC power. The motor operates on DC voltage but uses a standard AC power supply. This is achieved through an integrated voltage transformation within the motor. The stator (the non-rotating part of the motor) contains a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that converts AC power to DC and controls the motor’s operation.

EC motor principles:

  • Permanent-Magnet DC Motor: The motor's rotor contains permanent magnets to enhance efficiency.
  • Electronic Switching: Utilizes electronic components for smooth operation, controlled by a small computer chip, replacing traditional carbon brushes.
  • Rotor Position Recognition: Equipped with special sensors or software to constantly track the exact position of the spinning part.
  • Versatile Operation: Compatible with standard electrical power supplies and components, facilitating easy use across various applications.

Air Curtains: EC vs. AC

Imagine a large retail store with high entrance doors. Traditional AC air curtains have been used to maintain climate control by creating an invisible barrier that keeps warm or cool air inside. However, AC technology has limitations, especially in terms of energy efficiency and operating costs. By switching to EC technology, the store experiences significant improvements. The attached data clearly shows these advantages in the example below*.

* Price and calculations are for illustrative purposes only and actual results may vary depending on specific local factors and conditions
  • Door Dimensions: 2m width by 3.8m height
  • Running Time: 12 hours/day, 6 days/week, 50 weeks/year
  • Energy Cost: $0.17/kWh
  • Selected Units:AC Version: G 2000 AEC Version: ECG 2000 A
  • Total Fan Power: EC air curtains use 0.450 kW, saving 0.834 kW compared to AC air curtains at 1.284 kW.
  • Energy Consumption: EC air curtains use 1,620 kWh/year, saving 3,002 kWh compared to AC.
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings: With an energy cost of $0.187 per kWh, the store saves $561 annually.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction: EC air curtains reduce CO₂ emissions by 1,201 kg per year.

One of the most compelling aspects of EC air curtains is their impressive payback period, which makes them a highly attractive investment despite their higher initial cost. As an example, an EC air curtain unit costs $4,884.00*, which is notably higher than the $ 4,210.80* per unit for an AC air curtain. However, this initial cost difference is quickly offset by the substantial energy savings that EC technology provides. EC air curtains are designed with electronically commutated motors that are significantly more energy-efficient than traditional AC motors. This advanced technology reduces energy consumption by up to 70%*, leading to considerable cost savings on electricity bills.

* Price and calculations are for illustrative purposes only and actual results may vary depending on specific local factors and conditions

The energy efficiency of EC air curtains translates to a payback period of just over a year, specifically 1.2 years. This means that within a little more than 12 months, the initial extra investment in EC air curtains is fully recouped through the savings on energy costs. After this payback period, the savings continue to accumulate, providing ongoing financial benefits. This rapid return on investment not only enhances the economic feasibility of EC air curtains but also contributes to sustainable building operations by reducing energy usage and environmental impact*.

Airtècnics has greatly improved air curtain performance with advanced EC technology, offering significant energy savings, lower operating costs, and a reduced environmental impact. As businesses and industries aim for more efficiency and sustainability, EC air curtains provide a smart, forward-thinking solution that meets these goals.

Incorporating EC technology into your HVAC strategy is more than just an upgrade; it’s an investment in a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly future. So, the next time you walk through an air curtain, remember the science and innovation working quietly to make your environment more comfortable and sustainable.

For more information on our extensive range of Air Curtains and to discover how they can benefit your business by enhancing energy efficiency, improving indoor air quality, and creating a more comfortable environment for both employees and customers, visit Airtècnics North America's website.

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