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Advantages and benefits of air curtains

1. Retail and Commercial Benefits

  • Increase in foot traffic due to the “open door effect.”
  • An open door is inviting and attracts more people in retail locations.
  • An open doorway acts as a shop window and allows people to easily see the inside of an establishment or shop.
  • Allows for easy access for disabled people (wheelchair) or people using baby strollers, shopping carts, or carrying other items.
  • Helps control drafts and temperature variations.
  • Increases available usable space for display purposes and promotion.
  • Customer and staff comfort is increased.

    2. Energy saving

    • Reduces energy losses in the conditioned space.
    • Lowers overall capacity (heating/cooling) requirements.
    • As a result, overall building operating costs are lower.
    • Reduction in CO2 emissions.   


    3. Healthy Indoor Environment

    • Improves indoor air quality.
    • Acts as a barrier against airborne dust, pollution, fumes, and bad odors.
    • Provides pest and insect control.
    • Maintains comfortable indoor temperatures.


    4. Safety

    • Increases visibility with the removal of physical obstructions (doors etc.).
    • Helps eliminate ice buildup, fogging and humidity issues in cold storage or refrigerated applications.
    • Easy evacuation through an exit doorway in case of fire or emergency.
    • Can act as a barrier against fire and smoke spread (special application).


    To achieve those advantages it is essential to select the right air curtain.

    Inefficient air curtain (losing money)
    Efficient air curtain (saving money + advantages)

    If an incorrect size or incorrect unit is provided, the air jet will not reach the floor. The separation between the two adjacent areas will disappear. All heated/cooled air will cross the doorway, and all energy savings will be lost along with all other advantages.

    In conclusion, it is highly recommended to use an air curtain on open doorways because of the numerous benefits.

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