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How air curtains work?

Generally, the air enters through the inlet grille. This air is compressed by internal fans and forced through an air outlet directed at the open doorway.


Optional filtration protects the interior components (exchanger, fans, electronics, etc.) from dust and particles.


Fans used most frequently in air curtains include centrifugal, axial, and cross-flow fans.



Heated Air Curtains

Heated air curtains have a coil (electric, hot/chilled water, steam, indirect or direct gas, direct expansion, etc.) to heat or cool the air jet. Heating is used to make the jet of air more comfortable when crossing the doorway or entrance, as well as helping to maintain indoor temperatures.


There are 3 possible airflow directions:

Horizontal discharge from top to bottom
Vertical discharge from one side to another side
Horizontal discharge from bottom to top


Types of Air Curtains

Most air curtains are installed horizontally, across the top of the opening, and the air is expelled from top to bottom of the door. Vertical air curtains can be installed on either side of the door or entrance.

Types of air curtains: non-recirculating or recirculating. A non-recirculating unit draws air in through the inlet grille and discharges the air directly to the environment. Recirculating collects and returns the air from the discharged air. Recirculating air curtains are more efficient, but most installations are non-recirculating due to lower costs.

Non-recirculating air curtain
Recirculating air curtain

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