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Airtecnics' WB Air Curtains: Modern Comfort for North American Spaces


In today's world, where the emphasis on conserving energy and ensuring indoor comfort is on the rise, innovative solutions are gaining prominence in North America. Among these, the WB Air Curtain is gaining attention across the continent for its ability to enhance indoor climate control while significantly reducing energy consumption. Taking inspiration from successful installations around the world, the WB Air Curtain is now making its mark in North America, bringing innovation to the HVAC industry.

The Idea: WB Air Curtains, created by Airtecnics, are advanced devices that form an almost invisible air barrier across open doorways and entrances. This air shield effectively separates indoor and outdoor spaces, preventing the exchange of hot or cold air, pollutants, insects, and odors. These modern systems offer numerous benefits, making them increasingly appealing to businesses, institutions, and industries throughout North America.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort: WB Air Curtains are experts at maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, no matter the weather outside. In regions with harsh climates like the northern states or Canada, they effectively block cold drafts from entering heated spaces during the winter. Conversely, in warmer areas, they keep cool air inside, reducing the load on air conditioning systems. This feature ensures that employees, customers, and occupants enjoy a consistent and pleasant indoor environment year-round.

Energy Efficiency: WB Air Curtains have gained widespread acclaim for a compelling reason – their remarkable ability to save energy. These curtains work by establishing an invisible barrier that lightens the load on HVAC systems. The result? Reduced energy consumption and lower heating or cooling costs, culminating in an overall enhancement of energy efficiency. This isn't just great news for businesses looking to trim operational expenses; it perfectly aligns with North America's growing commitment to sustainability and the reduction of carbon emissions. What's more, these air curtains boast additional features, including energy-efficient EC motors and the option to connect them to heat pump heating systems compatible with Airtècnics air curtains.

Tailored Solutions: Airtecnics provides a diverse range of WB Air Curtains designed for precise customization, ensuring they meet the specific needs of establishments throughout North America. Whether you're operating a large industrial warehouse, a bustling retail store, or a healthcare facility, there's a WB model tailored for every application. These systems offer flexibility in terms of design and installation, seamlessly integrating into existing HVAC setups or operating independently.

What's remarkable is that these air curtains offer up to nine different installation methods, thanks to a series of complementary components that adapt to the available space. Among the possibilities is the option for recessed installation in a false ceiling, offering a sleek and integrated finish.

Maintenance is a breeze with the micro-perforated front suction grille, which acts as a filter and requires very little attention. Additionally, the outlet jet features adjustable louvers to optimize its efficiency. The housing comes in a default white color but can be customized to match any shade available on the RAL chart, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your interior color palette. Furthermore, these air curtains are available in various sizes, and upon request, they can be equipped with a water heating system, electric resistance, or air heating only, making them versatile for room separation applications.

Quiet and Smooth Operation: WB Air Curtains employ the latest technology to deliver quiet and smooth operation, ensuring minimal disruption to daily activities within the space. This characteristic makes them particularly suitable for applications like restaurants, theaters, and libraries, where maintaining a peaceful environment is crucial.

Compliance with North American Standards: Recognizing the importance of adhering to North American industry standards and regulations, Airtecnics designs and manufactures all WB Air Curtains to meet these requirements. This ensures that they are safe, efficient, and fully compliant with regional regulations. After a long process of validation and joint work with different departments and the Airtècnics delegation in North America, the WB Air Curtain has obtained the CSA/UL certification for its presence in the United States and Canadian markets.

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