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Doha, Qatar

The FIFA building in Qatar

The original iConic 2022 building, which was constructed in Doha for the World Cup in Qatar, features Zen air curtains at its main entrances. The building is constructed in four blocks connected by basements, and its floor plan and façade represent the number 2022, the year the World Cup will be played in Qatar.


The activities that the buildings can house are very diverse: administrative offices, a wellness centre, hotel establishments, meeting rooms, an auditorium, a residence for athletes during the competition, a hotel for visitors, a commercial area in the basement, etc. It is the headquarters of the World Cup in the city of Doha and connects directly with Khalifa International Stadium.


Among the highest features and luxury finishes that this building has, Airtècnics' distributor in the Middle East Orontes and our partners Rosenberg Middle East have managed to include in this beautiful project the Zen air curtains with anodized aluminum panels whose objective is to avoid the exchange of air between the interior and exterior of the building.


The contrast between the street and the interior is very high, as the climate is extreme, and the air quality is compromised due to the proximity of the desert. In this way, Airtècnics air curtains ensure the maintenance of the air conditioning in this building, which has already become an icon of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, ensuring energy savings.


Airtècnics is also present in sports facilities destined to host Qatar 2022 World Cup matches, such as the Al Bayt stadium, where the VIP lounges of the venue have access with air curtains, which guarantee the comfort of the users.


Zen air curtains are the most requested of the range of Airtècnics decorative air curtains, thanks to their versatility, endless combination of finishes and high customization, they are integrated into the interior design of the spaces or they stand out as a decorative complement because high technology is not incompatible with the most exclusive design.

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