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Doha, Qatar

Qatar International Airport

Airtècnics has manufactured and supplied air curtains for the Hamad International Airport, known as “New Doha International Airport” (NDIA). In anticipation of the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, this terminal is one of the most luxurious structures in the world.


Airtècnics has been commissioned to design the most efficient and elegant air curtains possible. As a result, 47 ZEN model air curtains were installed at the NDIA airport, positioned horizontally and vertically. For the project, we have used our elegant stainless-steel ZEN air curtains with their high-performance design along with a high level of customization.


The problems solved with the installation of ZEN air curtains

The VIP zone at the Qatar International Airport has a smoking area located near the rest and relaxation area. Smoke escapes through the doorway that separates the two areas. Our ZEN air curtains were installed to prevent smoke from escaping and entering the rest and relax area. Our ZEN air curtain barriers were vertically positioned to make the most of the available space while maintaining the aesthetics and look of the facility.

In addition, eight Windbox M, G air curtains with invisible metal inlet grilles were also used in the airport. The hidden air curtain does not detract from the architecture of the facility. The installation of air curtains has been specifically designed to integrate with artistic standards and facility design.

Case study :

At Doha International Airport, air curtains significantly reduced energy costs while increasing internal comfort and preventing the entry of insects, dust, and pollution. Another issue was condensation forming on the glass throughout the airport due to the extreme temperature difference between the conditioned indoor environment and the hot air outside. This problem was solved with an appropriately sized set of air curtains that adequately separated the indoor and outdoor environments.

Model in use

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