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EC air curtains

EC technology (Electronically Commutated) combines AC and DC voltages, bringing the best of both technologies: the motor runs on a DC voltage but with a standard AC supply.


The EC motor incorporates voltage transformation within the motor. The non-rotating part of the motor (stator) is extended to make room for an electronic PCB board, including power transformation from AC to DC and the controls.


EC motors have no slippage losses, reducing losses and increasing efficiency versus AC motors.


EC motor principles

  • Permanent-magnet brushless DC motor within the rotor
  • The stator is driven by electronic switches (which replace the carbon brushes), controlled by a microcontroller
  • An electronic system (hall effect sensor or software) is used to recognize the rotor position
  • AC operated 230Vx1 or 400Vx3, valid for 50/60Hz


Advantages and benefits

The new Airtecnics EC air curtains are extremely efficient, reducing the running cost of ventilation by up to 67% using EC instead of AC fans.

  • Energy savings: Minimum power consumption & better efficiency than AC equivalent
  • Low motor temperature: for a longer lifetime than AC equivalent
  • Simplicity: Electronic & power transformation are completely integrated within the motor
  • High performance: Speed can be driven up to 3600rpm


EC air curtain vs. AC air curtain - Energy-saving example

How much money can I save using an EC air curtain?


Result: The payback period is 1.2 years. We recover the price increase of EC air curtains in just over a year. We save energy and reduce CO2 emissions to the environment.

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